A Bit of Thievery

The trip to Electra was uneventful, although I think I heard the Boss reassuring Ghoul on something. That’s what the Boss do, make the ‘Warriors know they can depend on each other. Rebound and now Ghoul. Even TigerTail gave up an opportunity to go to the Grey Death Legion. Now, we’re on our way to help Yang with something.. we squeaked just in time to help House Nakano (by 1 day!), this one we at least had a month to spare.

And what does Yang want us to do? A goddamn heist. Like we are developing a rep for doing that kind of thing.

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The Spirit is Stronger than the Almighty Dollar

Moonlit Mugging

We closed off a few contracts on Peratallada and I noticed the Boss was carefully balancing the Tuarians and Canopians. We didn’t want angry bulls nor women coming after us, and we could always be working for one side or the other in the future. Eventually, Yang convinced Boss to head out, first to Pyrrhus and then to a stop further into Davion space. I was curious, but neither the Boss nor Yang was sharing details on that one.

We left Peratallada on Week 30 Day 3 and spent the next 3 weeks in space… but we barely got underway before I hear some hoohaa about backtracking and going back to Independence. I think cooler heads prevailed and we stuck with our current travel arrangements towards Pyrrhus.

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Ghost of Past Machines

Rugby, via special air delivery!

So, Tarragona. What ar we gonna do here at the ass end of nowhere? Yeah yeah, I’d let myself out.

Job the Drac Yamaguchi wanted us to do is a rescue op. I thought we didn’t do rescue op… just art heists. Yamaguchi is sketchy as hell but the Boss still went ahead and dropped us. Intel is even sketchier than Yamaguchi but for some reason the Boss is actually fairly calm about it.

I hate that.

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Smells like Team Spirits

Boss’ brand spanking new (used) Orion, with lots of LRM tubes.

We arrived at Lyreton on Week 17 Day 5; the trip was mostly spent on the Orion’s refit. The Boss basically claimed her as the ride, and crammed as many LRM tubes into her as possible. This came in very useful at Lyreton when we took up Liao work; Now that we have a second LRM boat, our effectiveness increased. We took up base capture and some wetwork, and our tactics became better now that we have some reliable way to deliver damage.

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Gaining Weight

The team at work: getting rid of PBI in tin cans.

We were still on Rockwellawan at Week 11 Day 6 when the Lance was finally back at full strength. We took a contract to clear out pirates in the equatorial jungles, and Sumire dumped us on a tropical beach that would have been great to relax on. Timing, Sumire!

The enemy strength was a bit more than expected, but teamwork is starting to show; TigerTail got past them and started leading the trailers away. When they finally engaged us, it was a stream of individuals. Much easier to deal with. Rebound took another hit here, and is nearly out for 3 weeks. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a fire on the Dropship knocked 2 of our ‘Warriors out. At this point, the Boss conceded that Rockwellawan is probably cursed and moved us to Herotitus.

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Wandering Spirits

Interstellar. That what makes us mercs different from planetary militia: we get to go places!

The next 2 weeks, the Boss decided to move us to Mantharaka; contracts on Independence had dried up so we needed to move. Cadre duty, money was good but nothing really to write about. We did managed to get both the Phoenix Hawk and the Panther refitted in transit, so that was good.

Pirates mugging the cadre in the middle of the night. This Commando pilot ended up 3 weeks in traction, if I remember right.
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Ghosts of the Future Past

Recently I hit a patch where I thought I was doing too much gaming, and decided to take a break. Then work winded up and punched me hard, so I took a longer break. Eventually, decided to restart gaming with a new run in BattleTech the game, running a new merc company. So I’m keeping a log…

How did the Ghosts get started? Well, the Boss and myself, we were both orphans of a sort. Boss was a freelancer, or a Sphere merc, can’t remember. Hooked up with my old company for a gig, but my old Boss took an autocannon round to the head, and the company fell apart in battle. Made too many enemies from that one, so the old bunch decided to split. The two of us ended up on Independence, cooling our heels.

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