Smells like Team Spirits

Boss’ brand spanking new (used) Orion, with lots of LRM tubes.

We arrived at Lyreton on Week 17 Day 5; the trip was mostly spent on the Orion’s refit. The Boss basically claimed her as the ride, and crammed as many LRM tubes into her as possible. This came in very useful at Lyreton when we took up Liao work; Now that we have a second LRM boat, our effectiveness increased. We took up base capture and some wetwork, and our tactics became better now that we have some reliable way to deliver damage.

The team out on a job. Boss likes water. Specifically, when the situation demands for continuous LRM fire on some poor smuck on the other end.

Boss and Yang also started playing around with weird tech at Lyreton; Boss picked up something called a COIL-L at the store and we were trying to figure out how to fit it on the Phoenix Hawk, but basically couldn’t do it without stripping out a lot of weapons. In the end, we gave up in annoyance; should have just refitted the Snub PPC from the Panther instead.

We went out to put down some stragglers for Canopus, and ran smack into the enemy Heavy. A Liao Warhammer — just as the Boss had hoped, a heavy that is in poorer condition. Taking this one down wasn’t easy, because we wanted it intact. We got a bit lucky with a lot of head hits with our LRMs, then Rugby risked the Firestarter to get close enough to try to blow a torso off. She was hit bad but knocked the pilot out, so we pulled an entire Warhammer off the field. Yang was practically drooling when we hauled that in, and the puddle just got bigger when the Boss told him to fit the Snubs onto it.

Work was drying up; the last job we took at Lyreton was, of all things, an art heist. Somebody really like the art, since they ponied up for 2 lances to protect it. We sort of blotched the job and got both Rugby and the Firestarter dinged up, but otherwise it went well. Since we are bugging out from Lyreton, the downtime wasn’t terrible, and Ghoul is coming back soon anyway. Boss finally revealed where we are going – Panzyr, right in the Aurigan Restoration.

Rugby burning out some trash. Well, that’s unfair.
A Wolverine is a fairly decent chassis. It’s usually the pilots I have issues with.

We arrived at Panzyr, I forgot when exactly. We started with easy missions to get familiar with Rebound’s new(ish) Warhammer. There was no shortage of work; escorts, base defense.. The Aurigan Restoration meant heavy fighting and good merc work. We did alright, but didn’t add to the Mechs. Even the last contract to weed out pirate remnants had us facing Fleas and a Panther.

Rebound doing unnice things to a Commando.
Panzyr was a good period for us, the work was manageable and the pay was decent.

Boss got a strange message from the sleazeball Draconis Combine rep we normally deal with, asking to meet us at Tarragona which is the ass end of nowhere. I guess the Boss must be feeling the pull of roots, since we eventually took ship for that one on Week 22 Day 5. Shipboard lives aren’t exactly exciting, so sometimes the ‘Warriors and the Spacers get underfoot of each other. I think both sides are just happy when we arrive in Tarragona on Week 26 Day 1. Didn’t help when the Boss shared that Greyson Carlyle tried to poach TigerTail.

TigerTail doing what TigerTail does. In this case, bullying poor APCs.

What happened at Tarragona? Well.. that’s a story for another day.

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