Kickstarters Catchup Part 2

So, on to Kickstarters Catchup Part 2.

In my Part 1, I stopped at Journey: Wrath of Demons and that was a slow but steady progression towards fulfillment. That isn’t so bad.

Part 2 is a bit of a mix bag really. When I wrote Part 1, it was actually supposed to be a decent batch of KS. But recent developments have changed things up a bit.

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Kickstarters Catchup Part 1

Time to do a Kickstarters Catchup, Part 1 of.. I think should be 3, maybe 4?

So yeah, looking back over the older posts, one of the things I did was to do a roundup weekly on Kickstarters. That was back in ’13, at the initial wave of Kickstarters, and the volume wasn’t that high. Reason was basically burnout; there were too many and I don’t have that much money to fund so many anyway, and it’s annoying to try to decipher the marketspeak that people use to try to pull wool over backers. Yes, really.

I’m not going down that road again, well, reasons that I’d cover elsewhere. But for this set of articles, let’s just look at the things I did back, and how it worked out.
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BAM: Universal Carriers are GO!


So yeah, I think I’m supposed to post more?

Well, currently I’m putting together Universal Carriers. As in, a few of them. Like 4. Yes, I’m going to field them in an Armoured Platoon. Yes, I’m crazy.
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