BAM: Universal Carriers are GO!


So yeah, I think I’m supposed to post more?

Well, currently I’m putting together Universal Carriers. As in, a few of them. Like 4. Yes, I’m going to field them in an Armoured Platoon. Yes, I’m crazy.
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1/56 Rubicon vs. WG Sherman


So anyhow, I finally met up with a friend to sort out stuff we bought for each other. In the exchange, I ended up with 5 boxes and he ended up with 10… not as bad a trade as you might think as both of us are trying very hard to reduce our inventory count. Heh. As a result of the trading, I’m able to do a review of Rubicon’s new Sherman, as well as a comparison of 1/56 Rubicon vs. WG Sherman.

Rubicon’s a fairly new company, based out of Hong Kong to my knowledge, and has came into the 28mm wargaming market with a line of 1/56 scale WWII vehicles that are compatible with Warlord Games‘ Bolt Action line. Their M4A3 Sherman actually came out some time prior, it’s just that I couldn’t settle up with my friend and get my box in for this review.

And oh, fair warning — it’s a long post.
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BAM: 1/48 and 1/56 Vehicle Comparison

Interest in BAM picked up in my local area and I was asked a few times how is the 1/48 and 1/56 vehicles comparison. I’ve always thought I had a comparison pic somewhere but as it turns out… No I didn’t. So I might as well get that out of the way…
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BAM: 1/56 Warlord Games Cromwell



So I recently picked up a Warlord Games Cromwell, which is 1/56 scale. I honestly prefer 1/48 scale more, that’s a nice size and feels right next to 28mm infantry, but Tamiya 1/48 Cromwell is rare and I’m basically just trying this kit out to see how it works out.

Short form? It’s not terribad. But I have issues with it. Warning: Long article.
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BAM: 1/48 Lysander, In Progress

So yeah. I’m still alive. Work is on the upswing but the real reason I’m not posting as much is that I’m taking a module in school that is being unreasonable in workload. It got so frustrating about the hideous amount of time it soaked up, that I just had to get one kit done just to blow off steam. So you get this: BAM: 1/48 Lysander, In Progress:

I picked this up at a charity auction a few months back, because it’s in 1/48 and I wanted one for an objective marker for BAM. This kit came out 20 years ago, for the then 50th anniversary of D-Day. Frankly, this kit didn’t age well.
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A New Beginning…

Well actually not so much a new beginning, but new enough for this blog. 😉

With my Brits “officially” finished — we all know armies are never finished, but at least I hit a target… — I’ve since started on my Germans. I’ve been busy over the last three weeks, but I’ve more or less put together the minimum minis needed:


A Leutnant 2 squads of 5 Landsers each, with a MG-34 in each squad. Works out to be 190 points, still short of my target of 250 points before starting to paint. That’ll give me two base squads of 8 Landsers each.

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M10c Conversion, In Progress V

Now that the physical work has been done, it’s to paint my M10c!

At the end of a week of short on-and-off painting sessions, the hull can be assembled, though I still need to pick out head/ tail lights, tools etc. And I’ve slapped the tracks on, but that’s a minor episode by itself.


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M10c Conversion, In Progress IV

So my M10c conversion, still in progress… Well not so much now, since I’ve done most of the work over the last weeks but just didn’t have time to write up a post on it. So you get a whole slew of pics and updates now! 🙂


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