Reports of My Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

Well, now that I’m stuck waiting around for something else to happen…

No, I’m not dead. This blog/ site looks that way though, because of reasons.

2015 was.. not a great year but there are good points throughout. I managed to achieve academically, and at work things picked up to unreasonable levels at points, but it was for good reasons and there was a point, so it wasn’t terrible.

OTOH, had some bad personal patches, with reduced hobby times. Thus the much reduced blogging here.

So what was achieved hobby-wise? Well:
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Mantic’s Flatbed Truck Kit

One of the things I like about the hobby is to trawl various companies and drop their products together as a hodgepodge that somehow works together. So I’m usually on the lookout for things, and that’s how I got hold of Mantic’s Flatbed Truck Kit.
Mantic's Flatbed Truck Kit
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Loot: WFB LE Nagash

So I put down money for some loot: WFB LE Nagash books basically. Figured Nagash was so central to the WFB world that it’ll be worth it.

So what’s in it?


The package came with a nice flyer for the Nagash event, where they try to get you to sign up for one side or the other. Also, a small notebook in the style of one of Nagash’s books. Not sure what that is for…

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Upgrading in Progress…

So, last few weeks had been spent doing upgrading to various things. Some still in progress…

  • Upgraded my Raspberry Pi collection with a Pi Model B+, plus various casing, camera, WiFi dongle.. The B+ is earmarked to become a development platform to tinker with my Spark Core and Arduino stuff if I ever get around to them. But yeah, essentially is I have more capability now. Still looking to update the B+ with another camera plus a NOIR set, just to experiment, but that’s not an urgent use case. Now that the initial test is done, I’ll probably shuffle this to the back burner again.
  • My old Raspberry Pi Model B has undergone a OS re-image and is now re-tasked for a very, very specific project. A second round of upgrading gave it a VESA mount to go behind the monitor it’s now attached to, plus a 24″ ribbon cable for the camera to replace the default 8″ ribbon.. very happy to have over-bought the ribbon, because 24″ isn’t a lot once you have to route it. It’s now humming along happily.
  • The very very specific project suffered a setback when I accidentally broke a sensor cable that rendered it quite useless. After a bit of email back and forth, the supplier was happy to send me a replacement part. Once that’s in, I’d be able to get that back on track, and it’d definitely feature here. It’s a huge jump in my capabilities, just hope to get good use out of it.
  • A second component — Part II if you will — of this project has reach fruition and a hardware/ capability upgrade should be on its way. But to be honest I’d probably be too busy with Part I  to make immediate use of this.
  • On the modeling front,  another particular project has finally got to the point where it can begin final build/ assembly. Hopefully I can spend a bit more time at it and get it finalized. It’s a long build, but quite worthwhile in the learning process.

Overall, it’s been hectic and confusing, but capability increases are upcoming. Feel good about it. 😉

Just some new toys..

Was in ArtFriend a few days ago when I picked this up:
It’s actually meant to cut wood, but works for plastic. It’s nice that it already has the angles marked out — a time saving thing. How well does it cut? Quite cleanly:
Nice clean sheer, a bit of stressing, but I think within reasonable limits. Can skip breaking out the mitre and saw for simple jobs now I think.

In other new stuff, picked up some 25mm Uruk-Hais at the LGS as they were clearing.
Always been a sucker for pikes.

They are actually fairly nice, but the injection molding tech is old and in areas the minis are fairly crude. These aren’t meant to be centerpieces but more massed rank and file. The above is just one sprue, yeah 10 minis on one GW sprue.. Those days are long gone now. Still have 3 more of those to do, so it should look rather impressive ranked up. Just doing these to get back into the swing of things, and I’m not intending to do that great a job at it… Simple, quick, good enough for these.

The Lack of Updates has ended! Well…

I’m still alive. Mostly, I think.

Mechwarrior Online is really sucking my life up. Not a good sign I presume… Still, like a friend would say, pew pew is fun. 🙂

o2 April will have a patch, to remove the sales and 2XP weekend effect, but the lack of patch information thus far is a bit worrisome. Hopefully, the missiles rework is done and the LRMs and SRMs can go back to being a wee bit more useful.

Also looking forward to seeing the April Creative Director’s update. Should be due today or tomorrow.

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So, about the Sun…

I’m not a morning person, but lately my body clock has flipped to AM mode. Which makes me realise that compared to a lot of people, the Sun:

  • Gets up later than most,
  • Goes to bed earlier than most,
  • Works remotely. Like, 8 light-minutes away man. Teleconference is going to be a bitch.
  • Not to mention really bad at comms. Can’t understand a word it says.
  • Also, basically just sits there looking good.
  • Gets too close and you get burnt.

Should just fire its ass man…

This Blog!

Well now that I have some time (thanks to a work outage on email…) I can blog about things!

Why this domain, why this blog? Several reasons…

One, Pacific Internet decided that it didn’t want my money no more, so I had a push to get a new email address. I’ve been in the IT line for the last 10+ years and never got around to playing with a domain, so.. hey, why not?

Then, there’s this thing about Facebook. After a recent spate of stupidity by various people both public and in my various circles, and the crap that the Internetz can be, my FaceBook feed basically tapered off. I got bored, really.

Then there’s this thing about me posting hobby-related stuff up for random people to see. Not always happy with the way FB does it, so why not set up my own little slice of cyberspace?

Then there is various developments in my social circles that I’m personally a bit wary about. Call this a bit of hedging. In case things blow up, I got a little slice of cyberspace to act as a hidey-hole.

So, this space. My space. My rules. What I say is my opinion, and does not represent my work organisation or whatever weird social groups/ organisation that is unfortunate enough to suffer my presence. And I reserve the right to change the rules here as I feel like it. 🙂

Still got a long way to go on this. Lots of tweaking and work. 🙂