Just some new toys..

Was in ArtFriend a few days ago when I picked this up:
It’s actually meant to cut wood, but works for plastic. It’s nice that it already has the angles marked out — a time saving thing. How well does it cut? Quite cleanly:
Nice clean sheer, a bit of stressing, but I think within reasonable limits. Can skip breaking out the mitre and saw for simple jobs now I think.

In other new stuff, picked up some 25mm Uruk-Hais at the LGS as they were clearing.
Always been a sucker for pikes.

They are actually fairly nice, but the injection molding tech is old and in areas the minis are fairly crude. These aren’t meant to be centerpieces but more massed rank and file. The above is just one sprue, yeah 10 minis on one GW sprue.. Those days are long gone now. Still have 3 more of those to do, so it should look rather impressive ranked up. Just doing these to get back into the swing of things, and I’m not intending to do that great a job at it… Simple, quick, good enough for these.

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