M10c Conversion, In Progress I

So, I’m including a M10c in my BAM Brit army, after shifting out the Sherman Firefly into its own dedicated armour platoon (with 3 Cromwells, hopefully). Unfortunately, Tamiya only makes M10, the US Wolverine, not the M10c, the British conversion with the 17 pdr gun.

7Yeah. That big gun. 🙂 (Hmm odd.. There’s no bolt heads on the side armour…)

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Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 28 Oct 2013

Well, with last week’s bumper crop of Kickstarters, I was expecting a downturn in the number of interesting KS.. Bingo. There’s a distinct slump, but still some interesting ones came up.

This one’s funded and ending in a few days. Personally I’m not fond of the setting or style, but some people might like the setting and have need for some of the minis.

I won’t be backing this one, though the company doing it seems to know its way around stuff. Caveat Emptor ’cause I didn’t really look too hard at it..

Next one is more up my alley. The usual post-apocalyptic setting, things trying to kill you, you know, business as usual. Damn. I sound so jaded about these things… kernel of truth though, details might vary but a lot of settings are the same in general.

Anyhow, that buggies do look interesting, and some of their minis looks appropriate for well.. 40k stand ins. This is a 32mm mini system though, so might just be a bit big, but honestly GW is more 32mm than 28mm nowadays.

The company, I’ve heard of before, so there’s some reliability involved. It’s not yet funded with only 11 days left, so odds of hitting many stretch goals aren’t that good. Might get the buggy above, but I not hopeful it’ll get much beyond that.. depends I guess.

Lastly — I did say it’s a slow week — something for the Rogers.

I’ve actually never encountered a Deck of Many Things in any RPG I’ve played (not that I’ve played a lot) but I do know of it. Looks interesting enough.. and inexpensive enough too. Very near funding (and an odd funding goal at that), so this shouldn’t be a problem. If you like RPGs and want a curio, this might be interesting enough to put some money on it.

That’s it. Slow week on Kickstarter. 🙂

BAM: At Last, Some Progress.

Well, to be perfectly frank, this month has been kind of shitty. Way too much work, way too much school, way too much sick, way too little sleep, way too little time to work on stuff I want to.

OTOH, I did get some long-overdue chores settled, and results are coming in from both school and work, so while I’m unhappy about not able to work on things I find fun, at least there is progress…

Anyway, part of what I’m doing with my BAM is to update my 1000 pt lists into 2 1000 pt lists… yeah, escalation for the win. :/

So I ended up with more infantry, more support weapons, and have to do up an M10c in place of the Firefly — the Firefly is going to the second list with 3 Cromwells (!). But that means I have to find a way to transport all those infantry, and part of what I did today is to refit the old carrying box… and I managed to squeeze in slots for 4 more infantry:



Getting that fourth LoTR tray to fit above the existing is a bit of a hassle, but I think worthwhile. Now each of my section is on a try by itself, and the specialist and command elements are on a separate tray. Easier to track. Unfortunately I won’t be able to fit all the support weapon (a MMG and a Medium Mortar) into this box, but hey, I’m already pushing it. Probably can put the loaders and spotters, but can’t fit the 40mm bases in… at least, not BOTH of them.

Anyway, I needed to add 3 infantrymen, so I just put them together from some spares. Now that I have a theme for each of my sections, I can further enforce the theme. Veteran Section is attacking, so they get another grenade lobber. One Infantry Section is providing fire, so they get another rifleman. Then the last section is casually strolling around, so they get “Uncle Bob” drinking out of his canteen:


I quite like the minis, but “Uncle Bob” has a particularly nice theme to it. When that section is put together, it really look like they’re just strolling around the countryside in an exercise. 🙂 Hopefully next week I can get them painted up.


Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 21 Oct 2013

Yeah well, this month has been kind of shitty as far as hobby is concerned. Anyways, Kickstarters.

Surprisingly, all the ones I have this week are long-duration Kickstarters. I guess things just fell into a valley for once. So, shortest:

I don’t really need terrain anymore; the local situation’s changed and my terrain’s mostly packed away, and making them is on the back burner nowadays. But this kickstarter has an interesting quality about it. For one, it doesn’t look like a “build-for-wargames” terrain, you know the type with features that conveniently provides cover for any minis.. (sort of like those low slung cover objects in Mass Effect 2; you see one, you know there’s going to be combat soon.)

It does look like people actually designed these pieces to look good so that they won’t get too bored living in them. 🙂 And I like that.

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Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 14 Oct 2013

These few weeks I’ve been quite busy and hadn’t been able to post that much. Not happy. Still, Kickstarters. 😀

We start off this week’s roundup by saying there’s a lot of interesting KS out there this week. Beats me why. But, shortlisted to the following five. And up first, we have an odd one.

And we have Darklands. First off — there’s almost no time left on this KS, it slipped through somehow. Second — damnit, it’s rather confusing as KS goes. But, hey, concept art looks good, it’s already funded, and they do look like they know what they are doing…

I’m not sure I’d back it though. Locally Fantasy games are really not hot, so I’ll just be having stuff sitting on shelves. And the other thing is that this is really expensive, with their game’s basic entry level army at 80 pounds. Before shipping. It looks good and hey, Imperial Roman lookalikes usually hits a soft spot. But… YMMV.

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Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 07 Oct 2013

Well some weeks you get very few interesting Kickstarters, others you get a good lot.

First up, this little gem. I quite like the concept of “alternative” fairy tale characters.. guess I just like looking at the other side of the coin.

Concept art looks good and their renders look interesting. I’m especially fond of Steampunk Belle and the Twiddle Sisters, and the Jabberwock looks to be some 40k Chaos Dragon or Spawn… heh idea there.

Hmm would be interesting if they gender-flip Dracula. Or not. 🙂

What I don’t like is the high International shipping (which is USPS’ problem) and the restrictive pledges for international folks. I’m still on the fence, and with Belle and Twiddle’s renders as sight unseen, I’m not 100% sold on this Kickstarter. Going to wait to see what other unlocks there be, before I decide.

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Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 30 Sep 2013

As it turns out, the week turned out to be kind of hectic, but the delay did let me include a couple of interesting Kickstarters…

The Bones be Back

Reapers Bones II kickstarter is now back. I didn’t take part in the first one, but it was big. Is this one going to be big? Not going to even dignify that with a response. It’s already over 1 million in funding, and that’s just a couple of days in.

But I’m not likely to take up. The stuff are mostly fantasy, and are diverse enough that it’s mostly useful for RPG, or for its own sake. There’s only really one that I’m interested in. So.. pass. 🙂

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