Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 28 Oct 2013

Well, with last week’s bumper crop of Kickstarters, I was expecting a downturn in the number of interesting KS.. Bingo. There’s a distinct slump, but still some interesting ones came up.

This one’s funded and ending in a few days. Personally I’m not fond of the setting or style, but some people might like the setting and have need for some of the minis.

I won’t be backing this one, though the company doing it seems to know its way around stuff. Caveat Emptor ’cause I didn’t really look too hard at it..

Next one is more up my alley. The usual post-apocalyptic setting, things trying to kill you, you know, business as usual. Damn. I sound so jaded about these things… kernel of truth though, details might vary but a lot of settings are the same in general.

Anyhow, that buggies do look interesting, and some of their minis looks appropriate for well.. 40k stand ins. This is a 32mm mini system though, so might just be a bit big, but honestly GW is more 32mm than 28mm nowadays.

The company, I’ve heard of before, so there’s some reliability involved. It’s not yet funded with only 11 days left, so odds of hitting many stretch goals aren’t that good. Might get the buggy above, but I not hopeful it’ll get much beyond that.. depends I guess.

Lastly — I did say it’s a slow week — something for the Rogers.

I’ve actually never encountered a Deck of Many Things in any RPG I’ve played (not that I’ve played a lot) but I do know of it. Looks interesting enough.. and inexpensive enough too. Very near funding (and an odd funding goal at that), so this shouldn’t be a problem. If you like RPGs and want a curio, this might be interesting enough to put some money on it.

That’s it. Slow week on Kickstarter. 🙂

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