Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 25 Nov 2013

So another week rolled around and I was casting around Kickstarter, looking for stuff. I was thinking there wasn’t much, but as it turned out some new stuff crept in… so, week of 25 Nov 2013:

This Kickstarter’s going into the third dimension. Height is usually a problem even for full terrain miniature games; basically it’s just hard to float a miniature in mid air, and usually people don’t like to balance minis on high towers… you put in time and effort to assemble and paint up a mini, best not to chance a “bounce”.

This method’s not too bad, though still a bit chancy. Sticks up just a bit much that it can snag arms and hands, so REAL flying minis is a possibility. It’s a good try, and may be grounds for further improvement.. but me, I guess I’m a ground pounder, I don’t mind the odd flying duck overhead but feet on the ground please. 🙂

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M10c Conversion, In Progress V

Now that the physical work has been done, it’s to paint my M10c!

At the end of a week of short on-and-off painting sessions, the hull can be assembled, though I still need to pick out head/ tail lights, tools etc. And I’ve slapped the tracks on, but that’s a minor episode by itself.


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Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 18 Nov 2013

So here we are once again to look at a roundup of Kickstarters for the week of 18 Nov 2013. Truth be told? Scraping the bottom of the barrel a bit this week.

Best of the lot seems to be this board game. I’m not a big fan of the horror genre, but from time to time there is a board game with minis that are kinda useful or interesting. I keep an eye out in case I can reuse the minis elsewhere. This one has a few that looks to be useful to use as accents in a fantasy setting, but YMMV.

What makes this interesting is the add-ons that you can purchase.. building packs, older minis from an earlier project, that kind of thing. Problem is I can’t get a good sense of the scale of the minis…

(I did say this week is kind of scrapping the barrel. And this one is probably the best of the lot…)

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M10c Conversion, In Progress IV

So my M10c conversion, still in progress… Well not so much now, since I’ve done most of the work over the last weeks but just didn’t have time to write up a post on it. So you get a whole slew of pics and updates now! 🙂


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Angels in the Mail: Puppets War Steam Wing Pack

So a package came in the mail and I picked it up this morning — I actually was wondering what’s in it since I couldn’t remember getting anything. Turns out that I shopped at Puppets War and picked up their Steam Wing Pack. They took a bit of time to fulfil the order, so I actually forgot about it.

I got these to refit my Adepta Sororitas Seraphim specifically, so I slapped one on a spare Seraphim Superior:


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Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 11 Nov 2013

This week is a really, really wonky one for me. 4 presentations to get through, a 30% CA, and then.. well, it’s just uphill. And here are the roundup of Kickstarters for the week of 11 Nov 2013:

And heeeere’s another Bug Hunt. Really. Another one? Actually I don’t mind it that much, it’s even the iconic bug hunt, and the minis are not too bad.

Two knocks against it though. One, very expensive. 75 pounds for the basic box is quite pricy, for a good number of Aliens and what looks to be totally inadequate amounts of USCM and Predators. So essentially if I want to use the USCM as alternative infantry, I’d have to go the even more expensive route.

The second knock is… do I really want MORE infantry, and Predators? I have way too much “grunt” infantry as it is and I’m not really into Predators. Even for the Aliens, I’m really not feeling the sculpts. As a whole, this one I feel is more for fans. Looks good, is already funded is a bit pricy, I think I’ll pass.

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M10c Conversion, In Progress II

So I’ve been still working on this on and off.. first, is to sort the basic hull out. After a quiet Friday afternoon of snipping and gluing:

20131106-141616.jpgNothing really out of ordinary, since it’s per instruction. The only difference is that I decided to glue the sponson ammo bins to the lower hull instead of the upper hull. This is to facilitate painting, since gluing to the upper hull will require me to paint this part first before gluing.

Similarly, the bogies are half-glued and the wheels and outer cover left off, still on sprue. Bitter experience from the Firefly taught me to keep those on sprue, spray them, then assemble… for my sanity.

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Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 04 Nov 2013

Hmm.. Kickstarters are still kinda slow going. Only three, and one of them is only here on a whim…

I’m actually not a big fan of this kickstarter, since the material is card stock. While good card stock can last a while, I don’t like using it for terrain… The durability is one issue, the other thing is that you really are constrained by the material. It doesn’t bevel well, it doesn’t compress well, your designs are inherently limited, and as with games, you run the risks of water damage. You can still do a lot, I just don’t like to work with it. However, YMMV.

Then we get the whimsical. Hey, it’s Cthulhu, in cat form. Cats essentially rule the Internets. Cthulhu reborn in a cat form is just something that’s bound to happen sooner or later.

The extra tentacle legs though, might turn some off…

Ah well. Can’t please everyone. 🙂

Lastly — I did say this week is a bit thin — this Kickstarter looks to be promising, and it’s already 300+% funded.

JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) is not something you see everyday on Kickstarter, and a translation attempt is rarer. The art on this one is quite tempting, I might shell out the cash just to get the artwork. So, something to keep an eye on.

So yeah, slow week. Back to doing hobby stuff. 🙂