I am Happy to Report that…

… Demi-Company A of the Dark Angels 5th Battle Company is now complete. They are built to specs, painted, insignia applied, and based to standard. 
This has literally been in the works for more than a decade, and is a personal milestone achievement. 

Demi-Company B is assembled and mostly primed, but it would take me some time to finish the paintwork. I’ll probably finish up some Scouts first, to enable me to field a Lion’s Blade formation if I ever play.

2016 was a moderately bad year for me, and work and personal reasons made me blog here very little. Still, hobby stuff was done, enough to keep me sane-ish. Hopefully I can balance things in 2017 to work more on the site.

Games Workshop’s Plasma Obliterator Unboxing

It’s big, it’s overly complicated, it’s wrapped up in mystery and full of weird little doodad parts that you have no idea what they are for… So of course it’s a 40k Imperial miniature. Welcome to Games Workshop’s Plasma Obliterator unboxing.

I have to comment on the packaging, rant even. I meant, really, GW? I like it that I’m not buying air any more and honestly the packaging is more compact now, but…
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Imperial Knight

So yeah. 3 months passed since “I’m not dead yet”. Sigh. Combination of work, school and life just decided to beat me senseless.

Not that I didn’t get hobby stuff done, of course. I picked up an Imperial Knight when it first came out.. well actually I picked up a damaged Imperial Knight at a discount and continued to further damage.. eh. Convert it. Since I took some pics along the way, you guys get to see what insanity goes through my head.

Such as the somewhat over-firepowered Knight on the left…

Warning: Pic heavy after the jump.

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Angels in the Mail: Puppets War Steam Wing Pack

So a package came in the mail and I picked it up this morning — I actually was wondering what’s in it since I couldn’t remember getting anything. Turns out that I shopped at Puppets War and picked up their Steam Wing Pack. They took a bit of time to fulfil the order, so I actually forgot about it.

I got these to refit my Adepta Sororitas Seraphim specifically, so I slapped one on a spare Seraphim Superior:


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That’s what I got her for.

So a while ago I got into the Bombshell Babes Kickstarter. After a bit, they delivered. Not quite bombshell in the traditional (and sexist) way, but very nice miniatures nonetheless.

I got these specifically for one reason:

Yup, the two air-related models are going to be my crew for the Avenger. Fitting since the Avenger is intended for my Sororitas army. They are a bit smaller than usual 28mm Heroic, but still good and the details are crisp.

The free Maelee makes for a good ground chief, with an oversized wrench to keep things going with percussive maintenance. 😉

Avenger looks good even incomplete and unarmed… Can’t wait to put it together.

Guns. We need more guns.

Yeah, finally got around to building the guns. Relatively quick build as I already have a mental image of how it should come together.
Still need to actually glue the guns in but that I can do at my leisure now that the bulk is done. Besides, I’m thinking if I want the barrels to be retractable or even swappable… Looks to be good as a rocket pod. Hmmm…

An up close look:
The guns themselves are detachable from the turntable and mount. This means I can swap them into static mounts, which will be useful for other projects.

Still need to add detailing plus cover ups, but the major components are built. Finally!

The Lack of Updates has ended! Well…

I’m still alive. Mostly, I think.

Mechwarrior Online is really sucking my life up. Not a good sign I presume… Still, like a friend would say, pew pew is fun. 🙂

o2 April will have a patch, to remove the sales and 2XP weekend effect, but the lack of patch information thus far is a bit worrisome. Hopefully, the missiles rework is done and the LRMs and SRMs can go back to being a wee bit more useful.

Also looking forward to seeing the April Creative Director’s update. Should be due today or tomorrow.

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Back to Work: Dark Talon

Last few weeks have been hectic with CNY and work. Not much time for hobby, plus MWO is doing unhealthy things to my sleep cycle.

So it is with some relief hat this got so what back on track:
Work on the cheek mounts is progressing, just trying them out to see the effect. A more conventional layout:
So now what’s left is to detail up and work on the Hurricane Bolters. That’s for another post.