A Bit of Thievery

The trip to Electra was uneventful, although I think I heard the Boss reassuring Ghoul on something. That’s what the Boss do, make the ‘Warriors know they can depend on each other. Rebound and now Ghoul. Even TigerTail gave up an opportunity to go to the Grey Death Legion. Now, we’re on our way to help Yang with something.. we squeaked just in time to help House Nakano (by 1 day!), this one we at least had a month to spare.

And what does Yang want us to do? A goddamn heist. Like we are developing a rep for doing that kind of thing.

To be fair what he is proposing to heist is a bunch of Battlemechs. I can get behind that. His complicated plan had us dropping in on some poor schmuck’s base in the middle of nowhere, though. Their security wasn’t great but their response time was. Medium Lance of Enforcer, Crab, Griffin and Assassin came running in. We prioritized to kill the Assassin so that Rugby in the Shredder can have free play. Which she promptly did by shredding the Griffin’s cockpit. And then we worked over the last two.

TigerTail introducing the Crab to her new upgrades.

Oh. Forgot to mention. Yang didn’t idle in transit. He refitted TigerTail’s Thunderbolt with a little surprise arm mod.. as the Crab unfortunately found out when her battlefists crashed through its gyros. And the Enforcer found that too, when Rebound got in the act with him. I think I heard Boss muttering something about “bloody barbarians”…

Oof. That ain’t going to buff out.

Yang got us into the heist museum and the Boss told us to grab the heavier machines: Catapult (Boss), Thunderbolt (Rebound), Dragon (TigerTail) and Kintaro (Ghoul). On the way out, the security team was not that challenging even with us in ‘Mechs we aren’t used to. Still, seeing TigerTail miss a bum rush in her Dragon is kind of funny. The sour taste came at the end when we had to give up 3 of the Mechs to secure our escape. Boss decided to keep the Dragon as a unique study; we probably won’t use it since we have better chassis in the Lance now.

It was a scrappy fight.

We couldn’t really stay at Electra, so we broke orbit to head for Lindsay. We left the world on Week 42 Day 7; the Boss intends to work our way back to Independence with low key contracts. Why Independence? I have no clue.

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