I am Happy to Report that…

… Demi-Company A of the Dark Angels 5th Battle Company is now complete. They are built to specs, painted, insignia applied, and based to standard. 
This has literally been in the works for more than a decade, and is a personal milestone achievement. 

Demi-Company B is assembled and mostly primed, but it would take me some time to finish the paintwork. I’ll probably finish up some Scouts first, to enable me to field a Lion’s Blade formation if I ever play.

2016 was a moderately bad year for me, and work and personal reasons made me blog here very little. Still, hobby stuff was done, enough to keep me sane-ish. Hopefully I can balance things in 2017 to work more on the site.

Alternatives to WFB Bretonnians


Good old Bretonnian Knights of the Realms. Looks good, but hmm, painting is a bit of a pain.

So, in case you have been under a rock, Games Workshop had killed off Bretonnians in the new Age of Sigmar. Bretonnians had always been a troublesome army — they look great when painted up, but their obvious analogy to medieval European armies meant they can… well, easily be reinforced via non-GW products. With Games Workshop retiring the Bretonnian range, this might be a good time to take a look at alternatives to WFB Bretonnians.

Well actually, that’s a lie. I’m just going to go over quite a few alternatives, to both the Bretonnians, and some of the ex-elite Empire units, notably Empire Knights and their foot knights.

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3D Printing: How to Get Rich?

Micro3D Printer

Micro3D printer. I have one, it’s still in its box, because I hadn’t the time to deal with it yet.

So, 3D Printing: How to Get Rich?

This started off when I mistakenly responded to a post in a scale modeling FB page thinking it’s in a 40k FB page.. yeah lack of sleep does that to you. Urgh. But since I have it written up, you, dear reader, gets both barrels! Huzzah!

The question started out innocently enough:

[..] curious as to see how the proliferation of 3D printers will impact the hobby. If I were a model company, I would jump all over this so that customers could download kits to print on their own 3D printers. Break a piece? No problem, download the part, and simply print. Thoughts?

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Kickstarters Catchup Part 2

So, on to Kickstarters Catchup Part 2.

In my Part 1, I stopped at Journey: Wrath of Demons and that was a slow but steady progression towards fulfillment. That isn’t so bad.

Part 2 is a bit of a mix bag really. When I wrote Part 1, it was actually supposed to be a decent batch of KS. But recent developments have changed things up a bit.

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Kickstarters Catchup Part 1

Time to do a Kickstarters Catchup, Part 1 of.. I think should be 3, maybe 4?

So yeah, looking back over the older posts, one of the things I did was to do a roundup weekly on Kickstarters. That was back in ’13, at the initial wave of Kickstarters, and the volume wasn’t that high. Reason was basically burnout; there were too many and I don’t have that much money to fund so many anyway, and it’s annoying to try to decipher the marketspeak that people use to try to pull wool over backers. Yes, really.

I’m not going down that road again, well, reasons that I’d cover elsewhere. But for this set of articles, let’s just look at the things I did back, and how it worked out.
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BAM: Universal Carriers are GO!


So yeah, I think I’m supposed to post more?

Well, currently I’m putting together Universal Carriers. As in, a few of them. Like 4. Yes, I’m going to field them in an Armoured Platoon. Yes, I’m crazy.
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Mantic’s Flatbed Truck Kit

One of the things I like about the hobby is to trawl various companies and drop their products together as a hodgepodge that somehow works together. So I’m usually on the lookout for things, and that’s how I got hold of Mantic’s Flatbed Truck Kit.
Mantic's Flatbed Truck Kit
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Games Workshop’s Plasma Obliterator Unboxing

It’s big, it’s overly complicated, it’s wrapped up in mystery and full of weird little doodad parts that you have no idea what they are for… So of course it’s a 40k Imperial miniature. Welcome to Games Workshop’s Plasma Obliterator unboxing.

I have to comment on the packaging, rant even. I meant, really, GW? I like it that I’m not buying air any more and honestly the packaging is more compact now, but…
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1/56 Rubicon vs. WG Sherman


So anyhow, I finally met up with a friend to sort out stuff we bought for each other. In the exchange, I ended up with 5 boxes and he ended up with 10… not as bad a trade as you might think as both of us are trying very hard to reduce our inventory count. Heh. As a result of the trading, I’m able to do a review of Rubicon’s new Sherman, as well as a comparison of 1/56 Rubicon vs. WG Sherman.

Rubicon’s a fairly new company, based out of Hong Kong to my knowledge, and has came into the 28mm wargaming market with a line of 1/56 scale WWII vehicles that are compatible with Warlord Games‘ Bolt Action line. Their M4A3 Sherman actually came out some time prior, it’s just that I couldn’t settle up with my friend and get my box in for this review.

And oh, fair warning — it’s a long post.
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