BAM: Yet Another Batch of Recruits

Well there are times when I feel like I’m a trainer at one of our Army recruits training centers. Every so often, a new batch of freshly assembled minis would pass through..

So on Monday, a new batch of BAM Brits came through the door, and I started by getting them into uniform and basic flesh tones:
I actually managed to get ahead of myself by putting down a layer of black for the webbings. Normally those go on the second day.

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BAM: Platoon Ready!

So I managed to get enough Brits painted up at the start of the week to form a minimum sized BAM force:
And took some more photos today with some terrain I have lying around.
My Lieutenant and one squad moving up.
Quite like the above shot as I managed to frame it almost totally just using the iPad.
The second squad firing from cover. Made me realise that this terrain actually doesn’t quite support a squad with hard cover fully.. which is good, from a terrain perspective.
Another view of the firing squad.

Going to have to work on another squad, then some specialists, before I can move on to the two vehicles I have in this force. But, a milestone. 🙂

BAM: In the Trench

So, I had a slight fall this evening and as a result did an inspection on the minis I was carrying. Turns out a few base chips (I was using wood filler, so no surprise), one broken Bren barrel (which broke previously already), so it wasn’t too bad. But since the minis are out… 🙂
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Exactly What’s On The Box

So recently, I picked up Renedra’s Ramshackle Barn. Renedra produces, amongst other things, a limited number of building kits, and I’ve been curious to see what they are like. Recently my Bolt Action minis started to require certain specific bases, which Renedra does produce, so. I put in an order for bases with them and since I’m getting those, might as well spring for one of their building kits. And who doesn’t need  a ramshackle barn somewhere on the table? 🙂
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