BAM: Such a Cute Widdle Gun

The LGS brought in my order for a NWE Brit 6 pdr anti-tank gun yesterday, and I popped it open today. It was so cute and fun to put together that I couldn’t resist building it.

What I find interesting is how the 6 pdr carriage split trails actually pivots. Instead of two separate pivots, this mini just had a central pivot with the legs having loops one above the other. The gun itself sits on top of the pivot as well, a simple and elegant solution.

That meant I can leave the pivot as is, and I can actually have the 6 pdr in the tow position:
Unfortunately the 1/48 Universal Carrier is just a bit big… Or could be the tow bar too high. Contemporary photos shows the gun in a more level profile in tow. Ah well. 🙂

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