3D Printing: How to Get Rich?

Micro3D Printer

Micro3D printer. I have one, it’s still in its box, because I hadn’t the time to deal with it yet.

So, 3D Printing: How to Get Rich?

This started off when I mistakenly responded to a post in a scale modeling FB page thinking it’s in a 40k FB page.. yeah lack of sleep does that to you. Urgh. But since I have it written up, you, dear reader, gets both barrels! Huzzah!

The question started out innocently enough:

[..] curious as to see how the proliferation of 3D printers will impact the hobby. If I were a model company, I would jump all over this so that customers could download kits to print on their own 3D printers. Break a piece? No problem, download the part, and simply print. Thoughts?

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