Mantic’s Flatbed Truck Kit

One of the things I like about the hobby is to trawl various companies and drop their products together as a hodgepodge that somehow works together. So I’m usually on the lookout for things, and that’s how I got hold of Mantic’s Flatbed Truck Kit.
Mantic's Flatbed Truck Kit
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Games Workshop’s Plasma Obliterator Unboxing

It’s big, it’s overly complicated, it’s wrapped up in mystery and full of weird little doodad parts that you have no idea what they are for… So of course it’s a 40k Imperial miniature. Welcome to Games Workshop’s Plasma Obliterator unboxing.

I have to comment on the packaging, rant even. I meant, really, GW? I like it that I’m not buying air any more and honestly the packaging is more compact now, but…
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