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Welcome to The Factory!

I originally started this over at wikidot as a consolidation of articles, but eventually it petered out.. unfortunately, I’m guilty of not following up a lot. Now that I have a domain, let’s give it a try again.

The intent of this series is to:

  • Consolidate a series of “How To” or more accurately “Where the #@#%! does this goes??!?” articles for small scale miniatures
  • Consolidate a series of reviews of commercially available terrain for small scale gaming.
  • Have a repository of articles on army building for various tabletop wargames.

The impetus to create this series was a series of long running complaints on a miniature company’s forums about the poor or non-existent instructions on how to put their products together. I got heartily sick and tired of it, and to be honest had wanted to put together something like this for some time, so it’s just a convenient excuse.

The initial content will focus more on 15mm WWII miniatures and terrain; the miniatures are particularly tricky as they are modelled off real-world vehicles and weapons and as such can have odd details that catches you out. I would like to capture certain key points about these miniatures as I construct them, so that others can learn from them and do a better job than I did.

The terrain is mostly because I like playing on well presented tables, but there appears to be not much awareness of the vendors for terrain, or a neutral place for reviews of these terrain. I thought it would be a good idea to consolidate views into a common ground.

And… we seemed to have scope-creeped to include articles on army building, in particular force creation and the reasoning behind them. Ah well…

In the future, I hope to extend it to other genre, so as to bring more content within the umbrella. But baby steps first. 🙂

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