Introducing The Factory

I wank around various scale miniature gaming systems quite a bit, so inevitably I have to assemble miniatures. I actually enjoy doing that…. that’s why I still do it.

One challenge is that sometimes, the way a manufacturer puts kits together is.. less than ideal. Which was why a few years ago I started a wiki trying to document how I put together some minis, with special emphasis on odd spots, fail points, weird shit.. you know, the usual nonsense that comes around in kits. But that wiki basically petered out. It was a bit of hassle to keep it updated.

Fast forward to 2013 and now I have a lair. So why not just transplant it over? I found the wiki again, and basically is in the process of transferring the content over. So, here’s introducing The Factory. ๐Ÿ™‚

First article I have transplanted is how to put together Battlefront’s 15mm Cromwell tankย for use in their 15mm game, Flames of War. Thankfully, I used a picture host instead of uploading to the wiki back then, which makes my life a lot easier when transplanting these articles.

Seems like the plugin/ app I used to connect this blog with the FB page isn’t working on pages, so I’ll have to blog the updates as I put them in.

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