BAM, Dust and Tamiya

Well now, getting back into minis…
One of the systems I’m watching with interest is actually Bolt Action, or Bolt Action Miniatures (BAM), which was acquired by Warlord Games a few years ago. The system looks decent, but there’s always the miniature problem. 28mm gaming isn’t exactly a definitive scale but it’s so close to 1/48 that it’s tantalizing. And Tamiya does produce some very nice 1/48 models…
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Mix Bag of Talon, Tank and Death From Above

Well odd bag today…

First, I had been working on my Dark Angels army. Was hoping to ambush my LGS owner with these previously, but the pace had slowed.. So might as well put this up.
Two drop pods, and no, I have no intentions to do the interiors.. Prefer them this way. Fairly quick job but I’m having wear problems and their size means it’s a bit boring to do them. I’ve not done much mods on these, just magnetized the gun and replaced the fans with more proper thrusters:
Kotobukiya thrusters. Took a while to find the right thrusters as there isn’t much clearance to fit big thrusters.

Still need to work on another 4 of these (!). I’m not exactly looking forward to this…

Moving on… Work on the Talon progressed. Both hurricane bolters are up but not fully assembled:
Hmm. Looks a bit over the top. Still, side view:
Still need to add the stasis cannon and bomb.. Detailing, structure mounts.. Hmm tight package.

Finally, a recent addition to my Dust stuff:
I quite like the look and feel of this; might pick up another. Working out an army that utilizes this, hopefully can see it in action!