BAM: Yet Another Batch of Recruits

Well there are times when I feel like I’m a trainer at one of our Army recruits training centers. Every so often, a new batch of freshly assembled minis would pass through..

So on Monday, a new batch of BAM Brits came through the door, and I started by getting them into uniform and basic flesh tones:
I actually managed to get ahead of myself by putting down a layer of black for the webbings. Normally those go on the second day.

On Tuesday, the recruits get proper khaki webbings and their helmets painted:
Then on Wednesday, they get their first details pass and things like belt buckles get picked out, paint overruns get dealt with….
They get weapons too, though some still need wood furnitures and there are metallic overruns that need to be corrected.
And Thursday is fine tuning day. They get wooden handles and furniture, paint overruns are corrected, skin tone made more even and a bit of highlighting. The SMLE rifles are done, and will be glued in — this frees up the current holding container holding the loose weapons. Essentially they are done and have been varnished, but still need two more steps..
So Friday, faces and a sepia wash. Both quick work but the faces kept needing work. These aren’t yet varnished.. But will be in a few minutes.
So, one more section done. Sat and Sun is no work on BAM, and come Monday a new batch of recruits will show up!

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