BAM: Enter the Specialists

Last week was a moderately horrible week for me, so I fell behind the painting schedule… Only managed to complete the specialists today. With these, my infantry are all done and I can move on to vehicles!…. I hope. 😉

The light mortar team is one of the first specialists I wanted. Having indirect fire capabilities is usually quite important, so having a light in your basic platoon is useful. I’ve since picked up a second, medium mortar, but that’s still some ways off.
Since this force is drawn from a Normandy list, some form of organic AT capabilities is needed. So, naturally a PIAT team. Unfortunately the Warlord PIAT comes unloaded… Too much work to refit a loaded PIAT.
Finally, a sniper team. Snipers in BAM has special rules that allow you to remove specific models; this allows a team to pick off officers and weapon gunners, rendering them not so useful. I have a fondness for the spotter model — looks like a friendly neighborhood uncle, only this guy is packing a revolver just in case. 😉

So, on to vehicles!

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