BAM: Universal Carriers are GO!


So yeah, I think I’m supposed to post more?

Well, currently I’m putting together Universal Carriers. As in, a few of them. Like 4. Yes, I’m going to field them in an Armoured Platoon. Yes, I’m crazy.
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M10c Conversion, In Progress V

Now that the physical work has been done, it’s to paint my M10c!

At the end of a week of short on-and-off painting sessions, the hull can be assembled, though I still need to pick out head/ tail lights, tools etc. And I’ve slapped the tracks on, but that’s a minor episode by itself.


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M10c Conversion, In Progress IV

So my M10c conversion, still in progress… Well not so much now, since I’ve done most of the work over the last weeks but just didn’t have time to write up a post on it. So you get a whole slew of pics and updates now! 🙂


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M10c Conversion, In Progress II

So I’ve been still working on this on and off.. first, is to sort the basic hull out. After a quiet Friday afternoon of snipping and gluing:

20131106-141616.jpgNothing really out of ordinary, since it’s per instruction. The only difference is that I decided to glue the sponson ammo bins to the lower hull instead of the upper hull. This is to facilitate painting, since gluing to the upper hull will require me to paint this part first before gluing.

Similarly, the bogies are half-glued and the wheels and outer cover left off, still on sprue. Bitter experience from the Firefly taught me to keep those on sprue, spray them, then assemble… for my sanity.

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M10c Conversion, In Progress I

So, I’m including a M10c in my BAM Brit army, after shifting out the Sherman Firefly into its own dedicated armour platoon (with 3 Cromwells, hopefully). Unfortunately, Tamiya only makes M10, the US Wolverine, not the M10c, the British conversion with the 17 pdr gun.

7Yeah. That big gun. 🙂 (Hmm odd.. There’s no bolt heads on the side armour…)

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