BAM: At Last, Some Progress.

Well, to be perfectly frank, this month has been kind of shitty. Way too much work, way too much school, way too much sick, way too little sleep, way too little time to work on stuff I want to.

OTOH, I did get some long-overdue chores settled, and results are coming in from both school and work, so while I’m unhappy about not able to work on things I find fun, at least there is progress…

Anyway, part of what I’m doing with my BAM is to update my 1000 pt lists into 2 1000 pt lists… yeah, escalation for the win. :/

So I ended up with more infantry, more support weapons, and have to do up an M10c in place of the Firefly — the Firefly is going to the second list with 3 Cromwells (!). But that means I have to find a way to transport all those infantry, and part of what I did today is to refit the old carrying box… and I managed to squeeze in slots for 4 more infantry:



Getting that fourth LoTR tray to fit above the existing is a bit of a hassle, but I think worthwhile. Now each of my section is on a try by itself, and the specialist and command elements are on a separate tray. Easier to track. Unfortunately I won’t be able to fit all the support weapon (a MMG and a Medium Mortar) into this box, but hey, I’m already pushing it. Probably can put the loaders and spotters, but can’t fit the 40mm bases in… at least, not BOTH of them.

Anyway, I needed to add 3 infantrymen, so I just put them together from some spares. Now that I have a theme for each of my sections, I can further enforce the theme. Veteran Section is attacking, so they get another grenade lobber. One Infantry Section is providing fire, so they get another rifleman. Then the last section is casually strolling around, so they get “Uncle Bob” drinking out of his canteen:


I quite like the minis, but “Uncle Bob” has a particularly nice theme to it. When that section is put together, it really look like they’re just strolling around the countryside in an exercise. 🙂 Hopefully next week I can get them painted up.


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