Reports of My Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

Well, now that I’m stuck waiting around for something else to happen…

No, I’m not dead. This blog/ site looks that way though, because of reasons.

2015 was.. not a great year but there are good points throughout. I managed to achieve academically, and at work things picked up to unreasonable levels at points, but it was for good reasons and there was a point, so it wasn’t terrible.

OTOH, had some bad personal patches, with reduced hobby times. Thus the much reduced blogging here.

So what was achieved hobby-wise? Well:

  • For Robotech Tactics, I got the Destroids done and they look decent. The Zentraedi battle pods are actually quite fun to put together but I didn’t even bother with the Valks. Palladium continues to screw the pooch the wrong way on this one, a continual sore laugh point. It’s so stupid it’s beyond funny by now.
  • For 40K, a hard push at the end of the year meant I actually finished assembly of the Dark Angel 5th Company foot infantry. I need to paint that lot and we all know that’s going to take forever. Also completed a “sending a message” CSM Terminator force.
  • For BAM, nothing assembled.. Wait not quite true. I got some of Rubicorn’s 1/56 German tanks done. Quite nice stuff. I’d try to find time to write them up. Otherwise, I picked up Empires in Flames by Andy Chambers, and found his treatment of the Sino-Japanese conflict a refreshing change. Oh, and also some cute Universal Carriers in the works too.
  • Also, expanded my Rense System Navy fleet, taking advantage of some sales, and got into collecting some Halo spaceships. Man those Marathon cruisers are dinky.. Yes, I took part in the Dropfleet KS too.
  • Star Wars: X-Wing and Armada both got boosts. The Armada Imperial fleet is forming up nicely, and I really need to get pics. My X-Wing Imperial patrol fleet also recently got carrier support, with the addition of an Imperial Assault Brick.
  • I also apparently got a Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal army assembled. Er….
  • Oh and my PantherKo for Battletech: Alpha Strike is also assembled. Again, no paint.

I think I’d stop now before I start mentally tallying up how much I spent. At least the Dark Angels and CSM Terminators were reducing the stockpile.

So yeah, 2016 hopefully would be more about reducing the stockpile and painting stuff up. Although magically a Deathwing force is starting to materialize, with a side brick of Blood Angels Terminators. Uh..

I’m thinking to blog more about some of the Kickstarters I’m backing or will back too. So this blog may meander a bit. Hopefully I can manage my time better to keep this place updated.

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