This Blog!

Well now that I have some time (thanks to a work outage on email…) I can blog about things!

Why this domain, why this blog? Several reasons…

One, Pacific Internet decided that it didn’t want my money no more, so I had a push to get a new email address. I’ve been in the IT line for the last 10+ years and never got around to playing with a domain, so.. hey, why not?

Then, there’s this thing about Facebook. After a recent spate of stupidity by various people both public and in my various circles, and the crap that the Internetz can be, my FaceBook feed basically tapered off. I got bored, really.

Then there’s this thing about me posting hobby-related stuff up for random people to see. Not always happy with the way FB does it, so why not set up my own little slice of cyberspace?

Then there is various developments in my social circles that I’m personally a bit wary about. Call this a bit of hedging. In case things blow up, I got a little slice of cyberspace to act as a hidey-hole.

So, this space. My space. My rules. What I say is my opinion, and does not represent my work organisation or whatever weird social groups/ organisation that is unfortunate enough to suffer my presence. And I reserve the right to change the rules here as I feel like it. 🙂

Still got a long way to go on this. Lots of tweaking and work. 🙂

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  1. 9Storm says:

    Love the house Rules.

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