Practical Problems

So, I’m now working on the weapon mounts for the Dark Talon. Specifically, the Hurricane bolter mounts, the intent being to mount them on a turntable with at least a 90 degrees elevation.

So that wasn’t too bad…
I’m actually quite pleased with the mounts, due to their simple assembly and clean lines. The ammo feed was put together quite quickly — I wonder how many who read this would remember a similar discussion in… happier… times — and actually wasn’t too much of a hassle.

I did make a mistake and that was to go with 180 degrees elevation. That on its own is trivial to achieve but the problem lay with the ammo feed; if you try to go 180 degrees, the ammo feed will sort of block itself. Try it sometimes, it’s just one of those things that doesn’t make sense to do.

So I’m happy with the ammo feed and the elevation, so I can move on to work on the turntable right? Well, let’s do a parts fit:
It could fit, but the structure needed to hide the ammo feed is now so large that it overwhelms the miniature. The conventional feed system just takes up too much space. So, back to the drawing board,

The best way I can think of to solve the oversized structure problem is to rotate the feed through 90 degrees to lay the feed flat against the axle of the elevating arm. That should compact the amount of space needed down to something much more manageable. But that’s also going to be quite interesting to try to pull off…

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