ME1: Hey, the AI Teammates actually do work!

vlcsnap-2013-04-25-14h30m11s98 So I was doing my playthrough of Feros. Just landed at Zhu’s Hope, and of course I had to get past the Hopper Stairwell.

Having fought Hoppers on Therum before, I was expecting much annoyance from them. But… it went very fast, so I was quite surprised. Took me a review of the combat video to see what actually happened. A bit pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of teammates, whom I normally regards as armour baffles.

So, what happened is that the team moved up the stairwells and spotted the first Hopper on the ruined landing opposite. I paused and ordered Ashley and Wrex up the stairs, and at that point Hopper #1 jumped to my right. Meanwhile, Hopper #2 which was on the floor almost directly over my head jumped to the central pillar, almost into my sights… so I shot him. Hey, it’s perfectly natural to shoot a Geth that suddenly appeared in your sights.


As can be seen above, the shot Hopper #2 is disintegrating, and you can see my killfeed reflecting the kill. But what I didn’t realised at that time was that Hopper #1 had jumped back into almost the same location as Hopper #2. So some confusion as to how many Hoppers there were. And keep an eye on Wrex..


… as bless his (multiple redundant?) heart(s?), already started powering his biotic Throw up, and launched it a split second later at Hopper #1. Not too sure here whether the Throw had hit already or not in this shot, but Hopper #1 seems to be trying to dodge it.


To no avail, as the Throw pushes Hopper #1 to my left and behind a pillar, thus hiding it from me — this happen in a split second. It then dropped down into an Out-of-Bounds area and counts as a kill (as can be see in my killfeed). So effectively, we rushed the stairs, where I sniped one Hopper off as it perched and Wrex threw one off the ruined staircase, all within a second or two. Huh.

Was quite surprised that the ME1 teammates could actually be effective like this, and doubly so because Wrex’s Throw had only been unlocked in the previous mission, on Luna. 🙂

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