MWO: New Personal Best!


Frozen fight in a fast Dragon build. Started on the north side. Went through the tunnel with a Jagermech, then split off and run circles. Engaged mulriples with hit-and-runs as the rest of my team brawled; helped kill an enemy Jager, then harassed two Dragons.. these two kills I worked for.

After that, another Jagermech that was coming to help, managed to flank and got around him. He was a bit beat up. Then a damaged Highlander with a torn off leg; I killed the other leg, I think mid-jump too. Then a beat-up Centurion with lasers, having shot off my autocannon ammo already.

60 tons have limits. After this, pretty clean Stalker, which I just don’t have the armour or weapons to take on. Personal best, from an exhausting match.

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