Sometimes, the mini finds you…

Yeah, somewhat obsessed with this one today.

Was looking around for a suitable tank commander, but nothing quite fit the constraints.. Forgeworld stupidly fitted the pintle mount right at the front, blocking vision. Then I popped a Cadian command squad, saw the head with the sharp features, decided to use it. Couldn’t use infantry arms (they have shoulder pads which would be unsuitable in a tank), so went back to the Demolisher kit.

Turns out the arm flagging forward was just rightish to drape over the stubber if I pointed it skywards, and the bino just had the right fit… Some days, you look for a mini to fit. Others, the mini comes to you.

I’m going to name this tank ‘Patriarch‘. If I ever do a proper display, I’m going to call it ‘Patience of the Patriarch‘.

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