BAM! Almost done…

I was wondering why my mini count for my BAM British force seems to be wrong, so I went back to check my list. Turns out I assembled the sniper team when I didn’t need to…

Anyhow, juggled the list so that I could bring a vet sniper team in. Point removal is always useful. So I ended up with the following infantry:

  • First Lieutenant
  • Observer (free)
  • Regular Section of 6 men
  • Regular Section of 6 men
  • Veteran Section of 6 men
  • PIAT team
  • Light mortar team
  • Sniper team

Feels pretty decent. I might draw the sixth men from each Regular section out to give the LT or Observer a bodyguard… See how it goes.

Overall I’m actually disappointed with BAM’s Brit infantry plastic. The poses are very limited, and trying to find arms for non-standard poses is an annoyance. Be prepared to do putty work to fill in gaps. Details also feels soft, and Tamiya infantry actually may fit better (though much less posable). The only reason why I’d say to get them is because there’s not much choice for plastic WWII infantry models in 28mm.

In addition, more or less finished with the Universal Carrier:
Man those UC looks damn uncomfortable now. Feels really cramped. Still, the Tamiya kit is nice to put together but a bit too fiddly for a wargaming model. Not fully assembled due to painting requirements, the tape is there to hold it together for photos.

Incidentally, the UC is small. How small? This small:
Yeah small enough to squeeze into that box. Not final though, the sprocket sticks out too much and I’ve yet to add the side skirt. That will make her too wide to fit into the box. She’ll get a better home. 😉

Next up is the last vehicle: Sherman Ic Firefly.

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