Giving the Talon teeth

Not that much work on the Talon today, as I put together something else. But, at least gave the Talon some teeth.
Plarod, platube and some Kotobukiya parts for the Gatling. Intended to be two tribarrel guns, linked together, for one Hurricane bolter, so that’s just half the armament. Total 6 barrels per weapon, so the count is correct.. Will still need to scratch built another pair.

Why not just six barrels in one? Because that looks too much like an assault cannon and the weapon description did say twin-linked….

Oh and in case you are wondering, the stand the Talon is on:
Yes, it’s a big stand! It’s a Bandai Gundam stand. I just put it together and got the Nephilim to balance on top. Need to work a ball joint in there somehow… Then I’m good for dogfights!

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