Angels… Nah, more of Talons now.

Well the Nephilim is mostly done now. Sorted the lascannons and the wee little pilot in his wee little cockpit.

Also, superglued the wing weapons pod into place rather than liquid cement. This is in case I need to do servicing on the wing spars and/ or magnets. The wings hold up well under full weight, which is nice.

Then we have the Dark Talon. Well, still a Talon… Somewhat.

Well.. So what did I do?

  • Separated engine pod linkage.
  • Magnetized engine pods.
  • Added vent-like plate to replace antenna.
  • Replace tail with Nephilim tail and scratch built connecting parts.

Hmm still a small list. Still to come, weapons. Question really is does this guppy need a horizontal stabilizer?

And… Finally, when you really, REALLY have a need for speed…


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