MWO: SG/ MY 16-Mech Sync-Drop Madness

So we were just minding our own business, shooting things up, when we got an invite to do random 16-Mech sync drop madness. So we went along…

First game was on Forest Colony, and I forgot to turn the video capture on. Predictably, it’s one that we did pretty good on.


Died fairly early, but still did a respectable amount of damage. Team just had waaaay too many AC20s, and it shows.

Second game, the opposing team swapped for more Assaults, and I accidentally over-extended.. so boomed. Dead:

Team tried, but there’s just too many Assaults.

Third game, we had some people swap in and out, so we swap out the mechs too. Went heavier with LRMs. Resulting.. well, I didn’t actually see many of my targets, so it’s fairly boring:

Didn’t really know what the opposing team was doing, but I kept seeing them fairly piecemeal. I’ve already moved to a non-conventional position, so wasn’t really threatened by any of them.

Fourth (turns out to be last game) game, we went nuts. And was robbed:

And turns out a swarm of lights is a bit of a mess to deal with 🙂

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