SimCity: City of Bling, Magnet of Disasters

So I’m playing SimCity now…


Huh. Creepy Criminal is creepy.

Anyway, has been hitting a few cities. One of them is the Bling town of Mesquite, where I went all out for Casinos and Tourist Traps. Works quite well initially, but not after some time.. seems like the Casino earnings have a half-life.

What I found interesting is that I got a fairly good setup at the start which was a stable-state city, idea for just leaving it there to slowly accumulate money. It has something like 6 Residential zones, half a Commercial zone, and a bit of Industrial. Since I already have put into place the sewage treatment plant and a solar power plant, it’s essentially self-powering.

Spark_2013-05-13_23-08-10(Bah my screencap program can get better resolution than the ingame functionality…)

It’s a nice base to jump off, but the casino and tourism dollars turned it upside down. It’s incredible how fast casino dollars can spike, but also has to be careful not to get suckered into it once the dollars taper off. Luckily, I retained enough commercial and oil drillings to stay afloat.

But it also seems to have attracted odd attention. I’ve been hit by fire and crimewave, and also…


What. Da. Fuck?

And this little gem:


Which ran over a park-and-ride, a bus terminal, AND a sewage plant just to root about my garbage. Bah.

Oh and two meteor strikes. Sheesh.


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