BAM: 1/48 and 1/56 Vehicle Comparison

Interest in BAM picked up in my local area and I was asked a few times how is the 1/48 and 1/56 vehicles comparison. I’ve always thought I had a comparison pic somewhere but as it turns out… No I didn’t. So I might as well get that out of the way…
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Loot: WFB LE Nagash

So I put down money for some loot: WFB LE Nagash books basically. Figured Nagash was so central to the WFB world that it’ll be worth it.

So what’s in it?


The package came with a nice flyer for the Nagash event, where they try to get you to sign up for one side or the other. Also, a small notebook in the style of one of Nagash’s books. Not sure what that is for…

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Relic Knights Black Diamond Starter


Just a quick update. Just put together the Relic Knights Black Diamond starter I got from retail, plus Sophia Drake. Modded Sophia a bit.

Didn’t like the “plastic” these came in.

Work was crazy last few months and I was working on another project. Need to find time to blog more.

Exactly What’s On The Box

So recently, I picked up Renedra’s Ramshackle Barn. Renedra produces, amongst other things, a limited number of building kits, and I’ve been curious to see what they are like. Recently my Bolt Action minis started to require certain specific bases, which Renedra does produce, so. I put in an order for bases with them and since I’m getting those, might as well spring for one of their building kits. And who doesn’t need  a ramshackle barn somewhere on the table? 🙂
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BAM! Firefly at the ready!

Ain’t she a beaut. 🙂

Tamiya kit, die cast hull.. Bloody heavy, even though you can’t see it. The tank is crisp and well executed, but it’s clearly not meant to be a gaming piece. There are small grab handles and parts that are going to be easily damaged and broken. I’d recommend leaving them off… Otherwise, you’d need tweezers.

OTOH, it’s clearly designed for modelers. The bogies, for example, aren’t glued together. One side is glued to the hull, the rest are just held in place by peg friction. This allows the wheels to be painted later, excellent thinking by Tamiya. Tracks are also separated for easy painting. Outer gun mantle and inner gun mantle are separate pieces for ease of painting too.

The tank commander is from a separate kit and does not come with the tank. It is a bit soft in the details though.. Had to stick a platform inside the turret to give him a place to stand on.

So now the basic work for my 1000 points Normandy Brits is done. Onwards to painting!

BAM, Dust and Tamiya

Well now, getting back into minis…
One of the systems I’m watching with interest is actually Bolt Action, or Bolt Action Miniatures (BAM), which was acquired by Warlord Games a few years ago. The system looks decent, but there’s always the miniature problem. 28mm gaming isn’t exactly a definitive scale but it’s so close to 1/48 that it’s tantalizing. And Tamiya does produce some very nice 1/48 models…
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Dark Angels cometh…

DA_logo So the new Dark Angels Codex is about to hit. Already have seen some of the new units, and frankly speaking this edition doesn’t give much to me.

Why? I play Battle Company. 5th Company to be precise. (And no, I decided on the 5th Company waaaay before Games Workshop decided that the 5th Company would make good poster boys.) So all the Deathwing and Ravenwing goodies just mostly missed.

Having said that, I do like the new Nephilim; the Dark Talon, not so much, but there are good parts there to “upgrade” my inevitable Nephilim (that also means I’d have to include Ravenwing elements into my Battle Company, which isn’t what I want but… too cool an aircraft.).

Deathwing Command squad looks interesting but since I’m not a Deathwinger it’s not a priority buy. Having the option to bring in a Plasma Cannon does broaden the horizons for the Terminators though. Deathwing Knights, I think the weaponry kind of looks sucky. Not going to be in major favour for it but with a Thunder Hammer replacement I can find room.

Vengeance and Darkshroud Landspeeders… not so keen. But have an idea to convert the Vengeance into something that looks better. So eventually will get one, and plus there’s this local guy who had the idea of a Limo hot tub Landspeeder…. 😀

Ravenwing Command and Black Knights, would eventually pick up, especially the Command; the banner has been in the works for decades since that infamous pic. But since I’m not a big Ravenwing fan it won’t be priority.

So, coming up to the weekend. I’ll only get my stuff on Monday, so it’ll be a quiet weekend for me.