When you absolutely need to level a city block. Or two.

Warning: large numbers of images after the jump.

Some of you would have seen this before, this is more a reshoot and transfer to this blog.

When the Ork Bommer was released, the kit basically sold itself to me. The basic sculpt, the options, all appealed to the modeler in me. So I go a pair and bashed one box up:
You might notice some modifications… Here’s a list, from nose to tail:

  • Three twin linked Supa shootas.
  • Extra magnetized ordnance racks under the fuselage.
  • Working landing gear that retracts and extends, with partial wheel bays.
  • Magnetized rear gunner position.
  • Folding wings, with hand-made brass hinges.
  • Magnetized ordnance points on wings.
  • Ordnance extension racks, also magnetized.
  • Scratch-built pivoting tail wheel.
  • Down-slanted tail planes.
  • Stays on tail planes, to support wings.
  • Scratch-built triple rokkit racks.

The magnetized ordnance racks meant the Bommer can now carry a staggering bomb load. The load displayed here is two boom bombs, four burna bombs, and twelve rokkits. Ow.

A frontal look:

From the side, with the plane (somewhat) levelled:

From the rear, the plane looks surprisingly clean:

With gears up:

And wings folded:

The brass hinges had to be self-made; couldn’t find any off the shelf product. Wasn’t that difficult, but superglue isn’t good for long term bonding; it turns brittle and breaks easily. As it is, when I was doing this photoshoot, one wing hinge broke. Which is where this came in handy…:


The magnetized rear gunner position allows me to swap the rear gunner, plus I can reach in to do maintenance. I simply reached in and popped the wing spar out, and reguled the hinge. Back together!

You can see the mess of plasticard that makes up the wheel well. Not clean, but hey… Orks.

Lastly, what’s the absolute heaviest bomb load this can pull? Well. I guess this:


Six boom bombs and four burna bombs, plus the usual hard-mounted supa cannons and defensive shoota. I could mount 18 rokkits IIRC, with two boom bombs, but nothing says “blockbusting” like 6 oversized bombs. 😉

And no, you’re not seeing things. The wheels do turn to a degree, due to the way I mounted the axle. Turns out to be a charmingly simple solution to the “how is this bugger going to turn on the ground?” problem.

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3 Responses to When you absolutely need to level a city block. Or two.

  1. Dave says:

    Very interesting and I like the concept. which wheels did you use. im looking everywhere for some suitable sized wheels. did you make the struts or are they off another model if so what. I was planning to cut up an Ork axel your solution is much better. did you paint your bomber?

    • Lynx says:

      The wheels are just Space Marine bike wheels, and yes the struts are scratch-built; very straightforward rod and tube arrangement.

      I’m notoriously slow at painting so no, not yet painted.

  2. Dave says:

    thanks that what i thought. looking at what i have I’m going to cut up a kopter main support to the rotor. Turn it upside down.Put what remains of the bikes back in the making box. Using the rotor arm will also give me a spigot for the wheel.
    thanks for getting back to me

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