BAM: And It’s a Wrap, Folks! (Yeah, right.)

So, that Brit army I keep wailing on? Yeah it’s pretty done. The last step was basing, and for some stupid reasons I kept forgetting where my flock is. Ended up digging quite hard for the stuff and found a tub of Army Builder Grass Green. Like these as they aren’t your usual flock, more like thick sawdust which has a look that appeals to me. Anyways…

20130923-144230.jpgFirefly with my “advancing” squad. Casual buggers at the back.. Well the size difference between the Tamiya and the Warlord BAM miniatures really show up here. Warlords being more thick-headed. 🙂

20130923-144237.jpgAnd my “attacking” squad with the Universal Carrier. The UC is in the recce role, as a scout, so this shouldn’t be too awkward.

20130923-144244.jpgThe CO (Lieutenant really) with the Vet PBI squad. Two Bren guns. Gotta say the new iOS7 HDR mode makes taking such photos nice.. and there’s also a nice desaturation filter that makes it very “Band of Brothers” style.

20130923-144254.jpgAnd the specialists; PIAT, 2″ mortar, and the sniper team (with Uncle Bob). And at the back is the “free” observer that roams around with every Brit army…

20130923-144301.jpgAnd a group shot of the entire, 1000 point army. Kinda cramped, but I’ve only so much real estate to work with.

In all, I started around 01 Jun 2013, and ended this roughly in mid Sep 2013. So a total of 3.5 months for 1000 points, and it’s pretty much a daily grind to get to here. I didn’t actually enjoy every day of it, but it is an achievement…

Oh yeah, talking about that iOS7 filter: 20130923-151429.jpgYeah kind of like it..

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