Imperial Knight

So yeah. 3 months passed since “I’m not dead yet”. Sigh. Combination of work, school and life just decided to beat me senseless.

Not that I didn’t get hobby stuff done, of course. I picked up an Imperial Knight when it first came out.. well actually I picked up a damaged Imperial Knight at a discount and continued to further damage.. eh. Convert it. Since I took some pics along the way, you guys get to see what insanity goes through my head.

Such as the somewhat over-firepowered Knight on the left…

Warning: Pic heavy after the jump.

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A New Beginning…

Well actually not so much a new beginning, but new enough for this blog. 😉

With my Brits “officially” finished — we all know armies are never finished, but at least I hit a target… — I’ve since started on my Germans. I’ve been busy over the last three weeks, but I’ve more or less put together the minimum minis needed:


A Leutnant 2 squads of 5 Landsers each, with a MG-34 in each squad. Works out to be 190 points, still short of my target of 250 points before starting to paint. That’ll give me two base squads of 8 Landsers each.

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Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 07 Jan 2014

Ok, the new year is officially beating me into the ground. But still.. time for a bit of Kickstarter round up.

Frankly, the tail end of 2013 and the start of 2014 is a bit of a yawn where KS are concerned (for me). The quality of projects have dropped a bit, and I guess the really interesting people are busy trying to fulfill their existing KS, so not much interesting stuff. Anyhow..

I’m always a bit of a sucker for kinky dice, especially metal ones, and these definitely fall into that. Well not the top variety; that takes forever to resolve dice rolls and actually needs a hard surface to spin on. Normal dice can do on carpet, soft surface, etc.

They do have “normal” metal dice, but since I’ve already threw in money for some other KS that did the same thing, I don’t exactly have a great need for it now. Those dice cups do look nice though.
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Wargames Factory’s Equal Opportunity Survivors

Well something came in the mail today…

Picked up Wargames Factory’s Dark Future Survivors line, both male and female, during their Black Friday sale. Not that I don’t want to support the LGS, but on Black Fridays they can’t match the pricing…

Anyhow, my intention is to use them as cultists for 40k. 60 cultists plus the traditional GW cultists (around 20~30) should put a sizeable presence on board, and also a slightly different look to the usual GW hooded and scarred cultists. Better IMO to have civilians that looks like a mob of everyday civilians.. just armed to the teeth. And having females in the crowd makes it look even more.. “real”. GW does seem to have this problem about human females not existing outside of very narrow ranges.

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Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 09 Dec 2013

Kinda slow week, on Kickstarter. Only 3 this week. On to the roundup!

So first, a little war. Really. 15mm wars of ancient days

Forged in Battle is a company that more or less registered on my radar a couple of years ago, as an alternative source for FoW minis. I just never picked up any of their range primarily because I didn’t like that their vehicles came with a resin base. Partially aesthetics, but by that time I was aware resin corners have a nasty tendency to break.

Apparently they did an earlier KS (which I’m not aware) and now this is more of a sideline as they expand laterally. It makes sense really; 15mm is a nice scale to work with and Ancients sort of need the sense of scale to work. Just two issues with that…

One, 15mm market for Ancients is a bit crowded. Gamers are sort of spoilt for choice there, so this is one more entrant. Two, for me personally, I sort of prefer my Early Imperial Romans to be in 28mm.. I find that scale more pleasant to look at a shield wall of scrutum and gladius, after pelting the enemy with pilum. Warlord and Wargame Factory satisfied that itch for me.. I just need to get around to figuring out which system to use, and the basing to conform to that system. Anyhow, if you guys are interested in Ancients, here’s something for you.

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Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 02 Dec 2013

This week’s crop of Kickstarter ain’t bad at all. 🙂 Week of 02 Dec 2013!

First up is well… Not exactly a miniature game. But hey, it’s Alessio’s game (world)! I suppose as a long time war gamer I have to pitch a long time game designer.. Well actually no. It’s more because you can get mini chess pieces:

Looks quite nice and if you really want you can get multiple sets to beef up an army… Wonder if they come painted?

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Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 25 Nov 2013

So another week rolled around and I was casting around Kickstarter, looking for stuff. I was thinking there wasn’t much, but as it turned out some new stuff crept in… so, week of 25 Nov 2013:

This Kickstarter’s going into the third dimension. Height is usually a problem even for full terrain miniature games; basically it’s just hard to float a miniature in mid air, and usually people don’t like to balance minis on high towers… you put in time and effort to assemble and paint up a mini, best not to chance a “bounce”.

This method’s not too bad, though still a bit chancy. Sticks up just a bit much that it can snag arms and hands, so REAL flying minis is a possibility. It’s a good try, and may be grounds for further improvement.. but me, I guess I’m a ground pounder, I don’t mind the odd flying duck overhead but feet on the ground please. 🙂

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M10c Conversion, In Progress V

Now that the physical work has been done, it’s to paint my M10c!

At the end of a week of short on-and-off painting sessions, the hull can be assembled, though I still need to pick out head/ tail lights, tools etc. And I’ve slapped the tracks on, but that’s a minor episode by itself.


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